Frequently Asked Question

How long will a session typically last?

A session will typically last around 2 hours. It is the time I find most people will tire out. However, since I only do one session a day, we can go on as long as it takes.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

The most important thing to me is that you get the photos you like and I am proud of making. So if in any case the photos are not satisfactory, I offer free reshoot until we get them right.

In what format will my images be delivered?

Your image will be delivered in 8-bit sRGB JPEG format in the highest quality setting. The typical file size is 60MB for color and 30MB for black and white. They are more than enough for any imaginable use case. However, if you want fine art print, you should consider ordering the print form me directly as I will make the prints myself using the raw 16-bit files and render the absolute best print quality possible.

How and when will the photos be delivered?

After the session, you will receive a preview link within two days. After you have selected the photos you want to keep, it will take me up to one week for retouch, after which you will be able to download the full-sized image in the aforementioned link.

Do you shoot couples? How about family?

Yes I do shoot couples as an add-on service to my individual sessions. I can also shoot small families. However, due to the space limitation, I can shoot no more than two adults and one child at a time.

Can you come to my home or office to take photos?

I only do studio portraits so the session has to happen in my studio in Sheung Wan.

Can I keep my photos private?

Of course! All client galleries are protected by passwords. And I would never share client photos without explicit premission.

Where is the closest car park around the studio?

The closest car park is the Rumsey Street Multi Storey Car Park. However, I always advice my clients to cab directly to my studio as the car park is quite a bit of walk and I do not want you to tire out and be sweaty before the session.

What should I wear to the session?

Take what you would normally wear and dial it up one notch. Think of going to a nice restaurant or a date. But don't wear something that you would not feel comfortable in.
Please note because of the way light reflects, do not wear polyester or synthetic fabric. Lululemon is a hard pass since it will create moiré. Also avoid corduroy or anything with strong pattern. Natural material such as wool, cotton, and silk always work.
My personal favourite material is linen, as I find this material works very well with my setup. So if you have any linen garments make sure to bring them along!

Do I need makeup?

This is really a personal choice and it all depends on what you are used to. Just like wearing glasses: some people are more used to looking at themselves with glasses, so are some people with makeups on.

How should I do my makeup?

If you are doing our own makeup, make sure you do it using a daylight balanced makeup lamp. Otherwise your face would appear overly white under the studio flash which I will be using. Also please apply some shine control as flash will make the skin shinny and you don't want that look, trust me.
If you don't know what you are doing, book a makeup-artist. Their service worths every penny.

Can I bring someone to the shoot?

I work best when completely undisturbed. So I kindly request that only the person(s) involved in the shoot be present.